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is deeply rooted in the 14m amendment of the united states constitution and equal protection of all people." inside san francisco 's lgbt community center michelle wright expressed her statement. >> i think that is marriage equality is something that people are talking about on a national level and they are going to talk about it in their homes. >> reporter: this stance comes two weeks after president obama spoke out in favor of same-sex marriage, but still stating it's up to the states to decide marriage laws. we also tried to get a hold of someone from yes on 8 and were unable to reach anyone tonight. the naacp spokesman i contacted today said there will be a press release on monday about this decision. >>> at 10:30 honoring the pioneering politician harvey milk. while the state is ready to pay tribute to the openly gay elected politician, see why not seven embracing the idea. >>> san josi police are investigating the discovery of a man's body in the guadalupe river. volunteers doing clean-up discovers the remains between west santa clara and julian streets this morning. officials say t
. >> the united states government is going to be trying very, very hard to put on a hearing that is as close to a criminal hearing as possible. >> reporter: the five terror suspects did not enter pleas to the charges against them at this weekend's hearing. instead they took off their head set translators and refused to cooperate. grandcola says he won't be attending that meeting either. >>> a drone attack has killed a top al-qaida leader who helped plan the attack on the u.s.s. cole. alkuso was on the fbi's most wanted list. today's strike was overseen by the fbi. >>> dianne feinstein is warning the u.s. tonight that the taliban is growing stronger in afghanistan. >> the taliban has a shadow system of governors in many provinces. they've gone up north, to the east. attacks are up, the number of people attacking have killed over 500 of our people. >> just last week the taliban claimed responsible for an attack in kabul that killed eight people. the attackers wore burka's to hide their weapons. michigan congressman adds that negotiating with the taliban may be working against u.s. efforts to c
denouncing syrian president gathered outside the white house to call on the united states to interteen to try to stop the mood shed in syria. the white house issued a statement today saying the killings are further evidence of an illegitimate syrian government. >>> in other news of the world tonight, nato says it is investigating afghan plans that a coalition aircraft killed eight members of a province. last night's air strike killed six children and their mother and father. a spokesperson says there was fighting in the area. earlier this month the afghan president warned that civilian casualties caused by nato air strikes could undermine the strategic agreement he just signed with the u.s. >>> in nepal protesters and police clashed outside the main government building as members of the constituent assembly made a last ditch effort to write a new constitution. lawmakers failed to meet a midnight deadline so the prime minister has called for new elections in december. the four main parties could not resolve controversy over whether ethnicity should be considered to states. >>> the pop singer
a united states bound airliner. the terrorist group planned to use the upgraded bomb possibly around the one year anniversary of the death of bin laden. this less than three years after a man failed to detonate a bomb in his underwear on christmas. thehe would be bomber had not yet picked a target or bought a ticket. the device didn't have metal meaning it could have passed through the detector. >> intended to be on an american plane, american bound plane, it never made it on. there was never a danger of it going off in a plane and americans at risk. >> reporter: the defense secretary and former cia chief warned of potential threats by al-qaeda and other groups. >> what this incident makes clear is that this country has to continue to remain aware against those that would seek to attack this country. >> reporter: a white house spokesperson said that the president was told about the plot in april and was assured it posed no threat. a government source said that aside from the device there is a second threat stream out of the middle east. in washington cathryn harris. channel 2news.
among muslims. he was also concerned about drone strikes and eves dropping by the united states. they also revealed that osama bin laden had specific targets in mind for american officials. >> he was asking for a tax on the united states on president obama, general david pa -- he said don't worry about vice president biden. >> osama bin laden apparently wanted biden to take over the presidential post. saying he was not prepared. >>> republicans announced plans to campaign against -- >>> the second largers worker union in san francisco -- 93% of them voted in favor of the year. this ends years of wage concessions and provide for a 3% salary hike. there are also modest increases for health care costs. union leaders had recommended approval. >>> hundreds of military veterans and spouses showed up today for a hire our heros event in oakland. the special recruiting fair was held at the odotc organize coliseum. it was open to any veteran no matter when or where they served and their spouses. about 30 vendors were on hand along with schools. >> what i'm getting here is good advice abo
last year's tour de france. once a sport that was all but ignored in the united states , cycling dented the mainstream radar in 1986. seven straight wins by lance armstrong helped inspire a new generation of american athletes >> for americans to become aware, it had to be somebody on the podium. now we see promise for the future, and that gets people's interest. there is a strong generation that's getting toward the ends of their careers that have helped pave the way for these guys. >> reporter: there's more on the tour of california than the obvious increase of cycling's popularity in the united states. the event is also an economic boost to the cities where it stops. >> it's a great investment for the city. to get out there, and to know that you have some very strong community leaders that are willing to put up money to donate funds to come up with the funds we need to get folks from around the world that are going to be racing, it's a no-brainer. >> reporter: the only thing that's plagued the tour recently has been weather. and that doesn't appear to be a concern on the eve of this y
countries agreed to has afghanistan forces taking the lead next summer, all united states and alleyed forces out by the end of 2014. >> we can start rebuilding america and making some of the massive investments we have made in afghanistan here back home. >> the one -- getting out and the other hand he isn't cutting and running. i think it's not a lot of room for the republicans to come at him. >> reporter: it's still early to put much stock in polls showing the president and romney nearly tied. polls also show no real change in the president's support since he endorsed same sex marriage. >> this isn't the big issue right now. it's the economy. that's what they care about. >> reporter: the president will be back in the bay area wednesday and thursday this week to tap the california atm machine to finance his campaign. in berkeley, rita williams. >> and we have more details now on the president's bay area visit on wednesday the president is expected to attend a fundraising dinner, tickets said to be $35,000 per person. later that same evening he is scheduled to attend a rally in redwood, t
at the span today. >>> the bay area certainly isn't alone. cities all across the united states saw may day protests today and some of them were violent. in seattle dozens of people wearing masks and dressed in black smashed the windows at a niketown store. and they didn't stop there. the group also damaged several other stores and the federal courthouse. police ended up arresting at least eight people there. in los angeles, a splinter group broke off from a larger mark to block streets leading to los angeles international airport. at least people ended up being arrested. in another incident, a los angeles police officer was injured when she was hited in head with a skateboard. in manhattan on wall street it was back to where the occupy movement all began. protesters marched outside the bank of america offices chanting about foreclosures. occupy activists said they wanted to bring businesses to a halt today but it appears the spring rain thinned out the crowds. >> we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. >> president obama signs a turning point -- signal as turning point in afghani
-old nursing student shot to death. she left nigeria where she practiced law to come to the united states looking for a better life. she leaves mind a husband and four children. >> my youngest one is constantly asking for mom. she wants mom. she wants mommy. you know, i told her mommy is with god. and she says she wants to go to god and be with mommy. >> reporter: andy says he's not thinking about what should happen to the accused killer, that he is still grieving. >>> the oakland police department could be headed for a federal take over in the not to distant future. an independent monitor reported today the reforms ordered by a federal court nearly 10 years ago still have not been fully implemented. monitor robert warshaw criticized the response to last year's protest. >>> san francisco's largest union staged add noisy rally inside city hall to try to build support for its ongoing negotiations. members of the service employees international union local 1021 voice their opposition to the city's demand. they say the city wants them to take furlough days and pay more for their health care.
. showing the president of the united states with a halo over his head certainly doesn't do anything to disabuse that notion. >> reporter: as for magazine sales, it remains to be seen how this issue of newsweek will do. here at telours the owner told us he ordered 200 more copies to meet the demand. >>> you can join the conversation on our facebook wall at on facebook. president obama addresses gays and lesbians directly. his comments about last week's marriage announcement. >>> and it's going to be cold out there tonight. it already is in some places. there's patchy fog showing up along the coast. 48 in napa, that's cool for this time of year. so as the kids go off to school and you go off to work, 7:00, 8:00 in the morning you're going to have temperatures like 48 degrees in concord, so it's cool. jackets as you go for your tuesday. we're going to see clouds and fog along the coast. we have fog out there right now. half-moon bay you have fog, pacifica. fills in like this. by lunchtime it goes away like this. and temperatures start to warm, we're going to see plenty of 70s
in the united states. we're going to reveal which bay area schools made the top 100. >>> a bay area soldier killed at war. >> it's that smile that would get you. >> how the father of two will be remembered. >>> in eight minutes the old fashioned fertility treatment is getting a high tech twist for thousands of dollars less than invitro. [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. >> a wildfire burning in acton is burning tonight. at least one structure has been destroyed. several homes were threatened at one point but fire officials say those homes are no longer in any danger. no word yet on a cause. >>> a soldier from alameda has died in combat operations in afghanistan only a month after he arrived there. >> reporter: in alameda an old military town the sad
in the united states. >>> and launch of the space x falcon nine rocket. >>> the space x private rocket made a successful and spectacular launch early this morning from cape canaveral. the unmanned rocket is carrying a capsule named dragon to the international space station. with the retirement of the shuttles, nasa is looking for private companies to eventually take astronauts to the space station. >>> the 767 made an emergency landing in bangor, maine. a woman handed a note to a flight attendant saying she had a surgically implanted device. no explosive was found on the female passenger. an implanted device was part of a scenario mentioned recently by the fbi. >>> beck was 26 years old at the time and lived with his victims sandra napier and her mother marcela napier. the judge today approved his transition to a half way house. >>> some analysts known that egyptians haven't chosen their leader in the country's 5,000 year history. no candidate is expected to win outright which will necessitate a run off. >>> in pakistan, gunman opened fire in a political rally. at least nine people were kil
if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be. my mother believes if my mother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. >>> the antioch city planning commission approved changing the name of a downtown street. that might not sound like such a big deal, but for antioch, it is. ken wayne is there today, and says the city has big aspirations. >> reporter: frank, tourism, and antioch are two words you don't often here in the same sentence. a simple street name change will lure people to discover the hidden gem, it's waterfront. the sun slipped behind the horizon at antioch's marina this evening. >> there's a lot of people, even in this area, that don't realize there's a river here. >> reporter: tonight, the antioch planning commission voted unanimously to recommend a name change. l street would become marina parkway. the change would take place just before caltrans installs new freeway signs on the highway 4 widening project, and potentially let travelers know there's something else in this
soaked the holiday plans of many in the south eastern united states. arlington florida overnight down power lines crackled sparking a fire. over 1,700 people were without power at one point. >>> utility lines causing more problems. soggy conditions washed out plans for a day at the beach or bar-b-que. so far there are no reports of any injuries or major damage. >>> a girl from the sacramento area was badly injured using a rope swing to jump into the river. rope swinging is illegal, but that law did not impress a lot of people. >> reporter: a desire to experience what it's like to be tarzan seemed to fuel people on the river. until the fun turns painful. >> it could be very painful, the water levels are so low right now. >> reporter: it's also illegal. according to city code it's against the law to place any rope, wire or other on a tree, shrub, building or structure owned by the building. every evening, sacramento police cut down hundreds of rope swings, often times they are back up the next day. >>> marine police say they are also fighting to the áf keep rivergoers to jump off the b
. that the president of the united states now says yes to all families. >> those celebrating tonight say if the president's stance on same-sex marriage can change, it gives them hope that others will change their views as well. >> marriage laws vary from state to state. we put together a map for you tonight. take a look. a total of 30 states seen here in red, those that are right there have outright bans on same-sex marriages. typically, they restrict a marriage to one man and one woman. take a look what happens when i change the map a bit. same sex couples have full marriage rights in six states and the district of columbia. those are the states colored here in green. washington and maryland also allow same-sex marriage, but those are on hold with referendums. 12 states allow for civil partnerships. all of these fall short of allowing same sex marriages. our coverage continues at you will find more video of president obama's historic words today, as well as reaction from others. >>> we have developing news tonight in east oakland where a manhunt is underway right now. details
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)